Micro Mist Dispenser

Same strength at half the size!

$34.99 Each

Our New Micro Settings Dispensers will deliver improved aesthetics, performance and battery cost savings to your facility while providing more flexibility and control over your air care dispensing versus our Classic Dispenser.

Features & Benefits:

  • Simplified user interface allows for easy, flexible programming to customize your fragrance experience 7.5,15 or 30min period
  • Innovative light sensing technology ensures that dispenser runs only when needed - Day, Night or both
  • Use the unique magnetic lock or convert to friction lock to ensure secure and continuous fragrancing
  • Operates with 2 AA batteries or 4 AA batteries
  • Controls odors in rooms up to 4,000 cu. ft. (20 ft. x 20 ft. x 10 ft.) for 15 to 45 days.
  • Visual refill and battery replacement indicator.

Micro Mist Refills


$5.50 Each

As if freshly grated from cinnamon sticks in the morning, this delectably spicy cinnamon will invigorate your body and mind. 


$5.50 Each

Fresh lemons, limes and oranges are sliced as   the kitchen fills with a citrus mist.  Juices lay on the cutting board, infusing the air with the refreshing sweetness. 

Clean & Fresh

$5.50 Each

As air flows through the cotton sheets that sway back and forth in a springtime dance, the warm breeze carries the simple yet defining scent of fresh cleaned linens drying on a warm day. 

Country Garden

$5.50 Each

The sensation of walking through a garden, surrounded by a blend of blooming tea rose, ylang ylang and lily of the valley that can only be described as perfection. 

French Kiss

$5.50 Each

You open the doors to a florist shop, the pleasant aroma of freshly-cut flowers warms your senses as you experience the sweet scent of honeysuckle, the fresh bloom of jasmine and the warm fragrance of Easter lily. 


$5.50 Each

Imagine the flavor of golden mangoes, sun-ripened to the point of juicy perfection. Feel the cool refreshment encompass your senses.