Virtual Janitor Dispenser

$34.95 Each

Timemist's Virtual Janitor is the systematic approach to facility hygiene management. This easy-to-use solution works extra hard for you, keeping washrooms fresh and clean all year long…without the overtime expenses. This device is proven to reduce the build-up of odor causing bacteria. The hands-free system works automatically, reducing the transmission of germs. The Advanced In-Line and Virtual Janitor systems continuously deliver enzymes, bacteria digesters and surfactants right to the source… removing odors and eating away at scale and stains, while softening water and maintaining healthy drains.

  • Automatic cleaning and deodorizing system for urinals/commodes
  • Eliminates odors at the source while keeping fixtures and pipes clear
  • Easy to install
  • 24/7 operation, refills last 30 days 
  • Equipped with complete mounting kit  

Virtual Janitor Refills


$61.95/Case of 12

Fresh lemons, limes and oranges are sliced as   the kitchen fills with a citrus mist.  Juices lay on the cutting board, infusing the air with the refreshing sweetness

Clean & Fresh

$61.95/Case of 12

As air flows through the cotton sheets that sway back and forth in a springtime dance, the warm breeze carries the simple yet defining scent of fresh cleaned linens drying on a warm day. 


$61.95/Case of 12

Imagine the flavor of golden mangoes, sun-ripened to the point of juicy perfection. Feel the cool refreshment encompass your senses.